Count Gregore


Rosebud Radio is proud to announce that Count Gregore will be hosting several time slots on Friday and Saturday nights:

7:00 PM to 11:00 PM - Count Gregore's Suspense Theater, featuring the finest mystery radio shows such as Boston Blackie, Perry Mason and The Thin Man.

11:00 PM to 3:00 AM - Count Gregore's Theater of the Macabre, featuring such fantasy thrillers as Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Dark Fantasy and Hermit's Cave.

If you don't know the Count, because you're new to Oklahoma or just walked out of your own cave, read on:

Longtime Oklahoma City television fixture, John Ferguson is best known for his dearly loved character, the weekend movie host Count Gregore, whose cloak he donned from 1958 to 1988.

Since then, the multi-talented Ferguson has performed in numerous television commercials, local film productions and over 21 plays, including the annual Gridiron Club performance, Jewel Box Theatre’s production of “The Odd Couple” and Shakespeare in the Park’s presentation of “Much Ado About Nothing.”

However, it was his early television work, on Danny Williams’ highly popular afternoon weekly children’s show, “Adventures of 3-D-Danny” on WKY TV that cemented Ferguson’s longtime love for performing. While playing over 35 characters from 1957-1960 on the nation’s highest-rated local children’s show, he was able to hone his skills each week and eventually create the beloved Gregore – an accomplishment for which he credits Williams.

In addition to his work on small screen and stage, Ferguson was also a regular performer at Frontier City from 1959 to 1961, where he wrote, produced and acted in over 40 live gunfight shows weekly.

Here are a few, of many, films, television and theatre characters Ferguson has portrayed throughout his career:

“30 Dangerous Seconds” (Bank Guard)
“The Swing” (Grandfather)
“The Downwinder” (Scientist)
“The Rounder” (Old Motel Clerk)
“Pearl” (Fitz, Old Geezer)
“Them” (Albert Percy)

Television Productions
“Adventures of 3-D Danny” (Various characters)
Weekly Horror Movie Program (Count Gregore)

Musical Theatre
“Anything Goes” (Moonface Martin) - Jewel Box Theatre, Lyric Theatre
“Oklahoma!” (Ali Hakim) - Lincoln Plaza Theater
“Gypsy” (Jocko) - Lyric Theatre
“West Side Story” (Mr. Gladhand) - Lyric Theatre
“70 Girls 70” (Moe, Callahan/Old Man) - Jewel Box Theatre
“On to Oklahoma” (Miller, Lone Wolf) - Shakespeare in the Park
“Oliver” (Dr. Grimwig and Ensemble) - Summer Stock Productions
“Doughgirls” (Five different roles) - Highland Playhouse
“Happy Times” (Grandpere) - Highland Playhouse
“The Robe” (Senator) - Highland Playhouse
“The Leper’s Ball” (Bill) - Calif. State Tournament, One Act

“The Crucible” (Judge) - Tulsa Community Theatre
“Noah” (Japhet) - Oklahoma City Miracle Theater
“Sleep of Prisoners” (Joe) - Church Productions
“The Odd Couple” (Vinnie and Felix) - Jewel Box Theatre
“The Tender Trap” (Joe McCall) - Jewel Box Theatre
“Whole Darn Shootin’ Match” (Jay) - Jewel Box Theatre
“Silver Whistle” (Oliver T. Erwenter) - Jewel Box Theatre
“Solid Gold Cadillac” (Metcalfe) - Jewel Box Theatre
“Everybody Loves Opal” (Brad) - Jewel Box Theatre
“Purlie Victorious” (Plantation Owner) - B.L.A.C. Production
“Much Ado About Nothing” (Sexton) - Shakespeare in the Park
“The Unexpected Guest” (Police Sgt.) - Carpenter Square Theatre
“Breaking Legs” (Frankie Salvuchi) - Carpenter Square Theatre
“Fools” (Count Gregore Yuskevitch) - Theatre Ala Carte
“The Good Doctors” (Old Doctor) - Theatre Ala Carte
Gridiron Shows (Various characters) - Oklahoma City Gridiron Club
“Fools” (Count Gregore Yuksevitch) - Jewel Box Theatre

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